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Vivian's book cover for  Being a Good Dog in the Human's World

Being a Good Dog in the Human's World

For millions of people, dogs are an integral part of their family unit and one would think after thousands of years living together, it would be easy to form lasting relationships. Yet even after attempts at genetically modifying dogs to our liking, and consuming countless instructional dog training books and tv shows, there still exists a fundamental misunderstanding of our relationship. We make noble efforts to take dogs into our lives and while we mean well, our struggle to find a middle ground between undervaluing and overvaluing their life experience ends up hurting the very ones we seek to help most, all the good dogs.

This nonfiction book explores systemic problems with the issue of dog ownership. The author shares a revolutionary approach and cultural shift in humane pet keeping and ethical training practices that directly save lives. The book includes real life stories and client cases, historical facts, and game changing research in canine science.


If you seek to expand your knowledge about human dog relationships, the underlying reasons for pet dog behavior problems, and how best to implement and manage change so to improve your connection, then this book is for you.

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