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My name is Vivian Zottola, and beyond being a caretaker to my companion animals and elderly mother, I wear a few other hats. I am an applied anthrozoologist, dog psychologist, behavior modification training specialist, and canine research scientist.

With over two decades of experience, I have helped people and their pet dogs resolve behavior challenges, improve their relationships, and often reduce rehoming and surrender.  Working as a human dog therapist is a complex and demanding job, yet I am filled with joy and feel blessed to be able to share my knowledge and expertise with others. The deep bond between humans and animals brings me immense happiness, and I'm thrilled to continue assisting pet guardians in understanding their beloved dogs through my writing. I've just completed my first book and  invite you to learn more about my journey as a published author and my future book-writing endeavors.  Please subscribe below to join me as I share my work with the world - and hopefully, help a few more two and four-legged friends along the way.

Thank you for your support and interest. It means a lot to me.

"That we experience the world from a human perspective doesn’t mean that we can’t work to see things from the perspective of non humans, and I’ll argue that empathy is a skill that helps us in doing this."

                                                             — Lori Gruen

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