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My name is Vivian Zottola, and I am an applied anthrozoologist, dog psychologist, research associate, and canine behavior modification training expert. I've dedicated the past twenty years to understanding dynamics between dogs and their guardians. Dogs, with their boundless joy, trust, and companionship, have the power to transform our lives, often bringing out the best in us. It is this profound bond and its positive impact on both humans and animals that I find immense joy and fulfillment in nurturing and enhancing. 


For more than two decades, I have been dedicated to helping people and their pet dogs resolve behavior challenges often reducing the risk of surrender. It is a difficult and demanding job yet every day, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with those who may feel hopeless. Recently, I have decided to shift my focus within the "world of the dog" and pursue a career in educating people through my writing. I am excited to continue helping pet owners and their beloved dogs, and I have just finished writing a book. I am actively looking for a publisher to help me share my work with the world.


"That we experience the world from a human perspective doesn’t mean that we can’t work to see things from the perspective of non humans, and I’ll argue that empathy is a skill that helps us in doing this."

                                                             — Lori Gruen

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